Tealive serves a wide range of delicious drinks on their menu. They have milk tea, fruit tea, matcha, smoothies, sparkling juice, and much more.

Here is the latest Tealive menu with prices in Malaysia:

Menu ItemPrice

Milk Tea

Signature Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea (regular)RM 6.50
Signature Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea (large)RM 7.45
Original Pearl Milk Tea (regular)RM 6.50
Original Pearl Milk Tea (large)RM 7.45
Classic Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly (regular)RM 6.50
Classic Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly (large)RM 7.45
Red Bean Pearl Milk Tea (regular)RM 7.45
Red Bean Pearl Milk Tea (large)RM 8.35
Hazelnut Milk Tea (regular)RM 6.50
Hazelnut Milk Tea (large)RM 7.45
Earl Grey Milk Tea with Ice Cream (Kapiti)RM 8.35
Earl Grey Milk Tea (regular)RM 6.50
Earl Grey Milk Tea (large)RM 7.45
Malty Milk Tea (regular)RM 6.50
Malty Milk Tea (large)RM 7.45
Signature Milk Tea (regular)RM 5.55
Signature Milk Tea (large)RM 6.50
Original Milk Tea (regular)RM 5.55
Original Milk Tea (large)RM 6.50
Classic Roasted Milk Tea (regular)RM 5.55
Classic Roasted Milk Tea (large)RM 6.50
Warm Pearls with Cold Milk (regular)RM 7.05
Warm Pearls with Cold Milk (large)RM 8.00

Wellness Tea

Energetic Milk Tea (regular)RM 7.90
Energetic Milk Tea (large)RM 8.90
Choc Muscle Mix (regular)RM 7.90
Choc Muscle Mix (large)RM 8.90
Beauty Berry (regular)RM 7.90
Beauty Berry (large)RM 8.90
Mango Immuni-tea (regular)RM 7.90
Mango Immuni-tea (large)RM 8.90

Crafted Tea

Radiant Rosella Tea (regular)RM 6.50
Radiant Rosella Tea (large)RM 7.45
Rose PuEr Tea with Sea Salt CheeseRM 7.45
Rose PuEr Tea Latte (regular)RM 7.05
Rose PuEr Tea Latte (large)RM 8.00
Earl Grey Tea Latter (regular)RM 7.05
Earl Grey Tea Latter (large)RM 8.00
Rose PuEr Tea (regular)RM 6.10
Rose PuEr Tea (large)RM 7.05
Earl Grey Tea (regular)RM 6.10
Earl Grey Tea (large)RM 7.05
Jasmine Green Tea (regular)RM 6.10
Jasmine Green Tea (large)RM 7.05


Nishio Matcha Milk Tea with Red Bean (regular)RM 8.90
Nishio Matcha Milk Tea with Red Bean (large)RM 9.90
Nishio Matcha Smoothie with Red Bean (large)RM 10.90
Nishio Matcha Latte (regular)RM 8.90
Nishio Matcha Latte (large)RM 9.90


Strawberry Pudding SmoothiesRM 8.35
Mango Passion Fruit SmoothiesRM 8.35
Lychee Sago Tea SmoothiesRM 8.35
Malty SmoothiesRM 8.35


Superior Coco (regular)RM 6.50
Superior Coco (large)RM 7.45
Hazelnut Coco (regular)RM 6.50
Hazelnut Coco (large)RM 7.45
Coco Latte (regular)RM 7.05
Coco Latte (large)RM 8.00
Superior Coco with Sea Salt CheeseRM 7.45
Coco Smoothies with Orea Cookie PiecesRM 8.35
Malty Cooc (regular)RM 7.05
Malty Cooc (large)RM 8.00

Sparkling Fruit Tea

Sparkling Honey Lemon with Aloe Vera (regular)RM 7.45
Sparkling Honey Lemon with Aloe Vera (large)RM 8.35
Sparkling Mango Tea with 3Q Jelly (regular)RM 7.05
Sparkling Mango Tea with 3Q Jelly (large)RM 8.00
Sparkling Passion Fruit Tea with 3Q Jelly (regular)RM 7.05
Sparkling Passion Fruit Tea with 3Q Jelly (large)RM 8.00
Sparkling Lemonade Tea with 3Q Jelly (regular)RM 8.05
Sparkling Lemonade Tea with 3Q Jelly (large)RM 8.00
Sparkling Lychee Tea with 3Q Jelly (regular)RM 7.05
Sparkling Lychee Tea with 3Q Jelly (large)RM 8.00
Sparkling Plum Tea with 3Q Jelly (regular)RM 7.05
Sparkling Plum Tea with 3Q Jelly (large)RM 8.00
Sparkling Red Berries Tea (regular)RM 7.05
Sparkling Red Berries Tea (large)RM 8.00
Sparkling Citrus Flower Tea (regular)RM 7.05
Sparkling Citrus Flower Tea (large)RM 8.00
Sparkling Iced Plum Cooler (regular)RM 6.50
Sparkling Iced Plum Cooler (large)RM 7.45


Signature Iced Shaken CoffeeRM 8.35
Wake-Me-Up LatteRM 8.35
Coco MochaRM 8.35
Hazelnut LatteRM 8.35
AmericanoRM 8.35

Tealive Menu vs Chatime

When talking about the Tealive menu, one cannot avoid not talking about Chatime; first on the famous defamation suit, second on the brand comparison.

After a two-years battle, the owners of Tealive and Chatime have finally reached a mutual agreement, in which Loob Holding Sdn Bhd (of the now Tealive) and La Kaffa International Co Ltd (of Chatime) announced that both companies have reached an out-of-court settlement to amicably resolve all disputes arising from their franchise relationship of the Chatime bubble tea brand. This also includes withdrawing arbitration in Singapore.

The case initially came to light when Loob Holding has served a notice of termination to end their franchise agreement after several series of disagreements. This breached the franchise agreement, hence was given 45 days to fulfil its duties and exit the business in using the Chatime brand. On February 18, 2017, Loob Holding exited the franchise and started its own business under the Tealive name.

Apart from this dispute, there is also talks on whether the Tealive menu or Chatime serves better beverages. According to Shopback Malaysia Website, there are 7 drinks almost similar in nature that go neck-to-neck:

  • Chatime Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea versus Tealive Japanese Match Milk Tea Red Bean
  • Chatime Mango Smoothies versus Tealive Mango Smoothie
  • Chatime Red Bean Pearl Milk Tea versus Tealive Red Bean Pearl Milk Tea
  • Chatime Matcha Tea Latte versus Tealive Layered Japanese Matcha Tea Latte
  • Chatime Signature Coffee versus Tealive Iced Shaken Cham (or Signature Iced Shaken Coffee)
  • Chatime Latte versus Tealive Wake Me Up Latte, and
  • Chatime Americano versus Tealive Americano

One must try all to be the judge.

Best Drinks on Tealive Menu

According to Tealive and SenDingDong Websites, the best-sellers on the Tealive menu are the tea families, of milk teas (Signature Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea and Original Pearl Milk Tea), fruity teas (Mango Tea with Chia Seed and Passion Fruit Tea), and crafted teas (Radiant Roselle Tea and Earl Grey Tea Latte).

Sample Of Drinks On Tealive Menu

For the non-tea lovers, there are other drinks that found to be popular too; the coffees (Signature Ice Shaken Coffee and Wake-me-up Latte), chocolate drinks (Superior Coco and Hazelnut Coco), smoothies (Strawberry Pudding Smoothies and Mango Passion Fruit Smoothies), sparkling juice (Sparkling Honey Lemon with Aloe Vera), and matcha (Japanese Matcha Smoothies with Read Bean).

Tealive Rewards

Despite being newly rebranded, Tealive has never forgotten about its customers. There is a loyalty programme in place, with a loyalty card named Uni-tea at only RM10.35. Upon signing up, customers are entitled with complimentary drink.

Loyalty Program Card For The Tealive Menu In Malaysia

The best thing about the loyalty programme is that it is a lifetime membership with no renewal fee. Besides, customers can get birthday tokens in the form of free drink that valid within a year. Apart from that, it promotes cashless transactions when ordering from the Tealive menu whereby customers can store value in the card and top-up whenever necessary.

As like many other cards, Tealive Uni-tea card enables customers to earn points, specifically BPoints, that can be used to redeem free drinks nationwide with no minimum points of redemption. To illustrate, 650 BPoints equals to 1 drink at Tealive worth RM6.50.

Who Else Likes The Tealive Menu?

About Tealive Malaysia

Every cloud has its silver lining. Tealive Malaysia was born after a high-profile legal spat between parent company Loob Holding Sdn Bhd and Taiwanese franchise Chatime in 2017, that ended with the former successfully rebranded 161 Chatime outlets it previously operated into new Tealive stores.

Currently, the brand has about 220 outlets in Malaysia, 7 in Vietnam, 2 in Australia, and 2 in China. India may also soon see a Tealive menu in their country in which a master franchisee has been appointed, as well as United Kingdom.

Besides, it is also in the midst of setting up a tapioca pearl production plant in Klang, Malaysia, apart from an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the near future.

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