Sushi King is one of the most popular sushi restaurants in Malaysia. They have tasty sashimi, temaki, yakimono, noodles, and many more items on their menu.

Here is the latest Sushi King menu with prices in Malaysia:

Menu ItemPrice


Wakame SaladRM 5.39
Teriyaki Chicken SaladRM 14.19
Karaage Egg SaladRM 7.59
Yakiniku SaladRM 15.29


California TemakiRM 5.50
Unagi TemakiRM 5.50
Salmon California TemakiRM 6.60
Ebi Fry TemakiRM 6.60


TamagoRM 2.20
Tuna MayoRM 3.30
Tuna Mayo MakiRM 3.30
YakinikuRM 4.40
Golden BallRM 4.40
California MakiRM 4.40
Chuka Iidako GunkanRM 4.40
Kani TobikkoRM 4.40
Chuka Kurage GunkanRM 4.40
Chicken Cheese RollRM 5.50
Fry RollRM 6.60
Tamago MakiRM 2.20
Kanikama MakiRM 2.20
TsubukkoRM 4.40
Norwegian Salmon NishokuRM 6.60
Norwegian SalmonRM 5.50
Nasu AgedashiRM 3.30
Teriyaki ChickenRM 4.40
Ebi TenRM 6.60
Ebi FryRM 6.60
Smoked DuckRM 4.40
Surimi ScallopRM 4.40
InariRM 3.30
Karaage Teriyaki MayoRM 3.30
TobikkoRM 6.60
Spicy TamagoRM 3.30
Spicy Teriyaki Chicken RollRM 4.40
Inari Boat Tuna MayoRM 4.40
Egg MayoRM 2.20


EdamameRM 4.40
Chuka KurageRM 5.50
Chuka IidakoRM 6.60
Marinated EdamameRM 4.40


Norwegian Salmon SashimiRM 16.39

Little Delights

Teriyaki Chicken DonRM 8.25
Spicy Teriyaki Chicken DonRM 8.25
Karaage DonRM 8.25
Spicy Chicken Katsu DonRM 8.25
Spicy Yakiniku DonRM 8.25
Yakiniku DonRM 8.25
Ten DonRM 8.25
Tori Ten DonRM 8.25
Edamame SaladRM 8.25

Donburi, Bento, Set Meal

Oyako DonRM 14.19
Ten DonRM 15.29
Piri Piri Chicken SetRM 19.69
Spicy Yakiniku SetRM 21.89
Unagi SetRM 32.89
Yakiniku DonRM 16.39
Chicken Katsu DonRM 15.29
Yakiniku Chicken Nanban BentoRM 18.59
Yakiniku Ebi Fry BentoRM 18.59
Mixed Fry SetRM 20.79
Tenpura & Chicken Nanban BentoRM 18.59
Black Pepper UdonRM 11.99

Party Packs

Party Packs Classic DelightsRM 30.69
Party Packs All-Time FavouriteRM 51.59


TakoyakiRM 7.59
Ika KaraageRM 7.59
Chicken NanbanRM 7.59
Tori KatsuRM 7.59
Unagi KabayakiRM 28.49
Salmon TeriyakiRM 16.39

Beverage and Dessert

7 UPRM 3.30
Hanjuka Cheese CakeRM 4.40
VitagenRM 2.20

Sushi King Buffet Menu

The Sushi King buffet menu is fantastic for special occasions, such as Ramadhan (fasting month).

In year 2017, their Eat-All-You-Can Buffet promotion is at RM35.90 per head for adult members and RM39.90 for adult non-members, starting from 5.30 in the evening. The buffet menu is extensive, inclusive of desserts.

A year later, Sushi King kept the same buffet promotion during Ramadhan, but renamed it to Riang Ria Buffet, and revised the price to RM37.90 per head for adult members and RM41.90 for adult non-members.

This year, it is unknown yet whether or not Sushi King will continue with the Ramadhan buffet promotion.

Sushi King Menu Promo

Currently, the Sushi King menu has a range of different food including, Catch of the Day, which is available until June 30, 2019.

It features the Aji and Sanma blue-back fish, which are rich in essential amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), prepared in multiple forms; fry, served with noodles (udon), served with rice, and others.

Promo On The Sushi King Menu Malaysia

Interestingly, Sushi King is also having a contest promotion, called Let’s Visit Kyushu for a trip to Kyushu, Japan for first, second, and third prize winners. In order to qualify, customers need to spend a minimum of RM60 at any Sushi King outlets, and drop the completed entry forms at the outlets.

On top of these, the Sushi King menu offers customers in East Malaysia, between April 22 to April 24, 2019 promotion of a flat rate of RM3.18 for all sushi at the kaiten belt. Customers need to download the app in order to enjoy this promotion.

Rewards At Sushi King

Sushi King is one of the brands in Malaysia with successful loyalty programme, with a loyalty card and a new mobile app in place.

The membership programme has a new system, in which it has replaced complimentary vouchers with points named as Smile Points, expiring every 12 months. For every RM1 spent using the card, customers will get 1 Smile Point, in which every 20 Smile Points is equal to a RM1 Reward.

Sushi King Rewards Program Benefits

For Sushi King members, there are several benefits to be enjoyed when ordering from the Sushi King menu; Smile Points for every visit, double Smile Points on Member’s Day, birthday rewards consisting of 200 Smile Points and a cake, surprise rewards, and a chance to win a trip to Japan.

Who Else Like The Sushi King Menu?

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About Sushi King Malaysia

Sushi King was founded in Malaysia in 1995 and owned by Sushi Kin Sdn Bhd, a member of Texchem Group. The Sushi King menu serves Halal and quality sushi, as well as other Japanese cuisine at affordable prices.

Sushi King Staff At One Of Their New Restaurants In Malaysia

Currently it is the largest Japanese restaurant chain in Malaysia. It has more than 125 outlets nationwide and is targeting to have 200 outlets by year 2021 in Malaysia. Sushi King also has its presence in Indonesia, with a target of 6 outlets by end of 2019.

As long as Sushi King keeps serving up a range of delicious Japenese food from their menu, they will continue to grow in Malaysia and other countries.

Talk to Sushi King Malaysian Staff

Want to talk to someone about the Sushi King menu? Send a message to one of their social media accounts:

If you don’t want to do that, you can find one of their stores using their online store locator. Otherwise, you can send an email to or call 03-5622 5339. Finally, you can send a message to Sushi King on their website.

If you still have more questions about the Sushi King menu, leave a comment below.

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