Subway is one of the best hand-made sandwich restaurants in Malaysia. There are plenty of different combinations you can choose from on their menu.

Here is the latest Subway menu with prices in Malaysia:

Menu ItemPrice

Subway Sandwiches

Spicy Italian 6-InchRM 11.65
Spicy Italian FootlongRM 19.65
Chicken Teriyaki 6-InchRM 11.65
Chicken Teriyaki FootlongRM 19.65
Meatball Marinara Melt 6-InchRM 11.65
Meatball Marinara Melt FootlongRM 19.65
Veggie Delite 6-InchRM 7.55
Veggie Delite FootlongRM 11.95
Turkey Breast & Chicken Slice 6-InchRM 12.40
Turkey Breast & Chicken Slice FootlongRM 20.35
Chicken Slice 6-InchRM 12.40
Chicken Slice FootlongRM 20.35
Roasted Beef 6-InchRM 12.40
Roasted Beef FootlongRM 20.35
Turkey Breast 6-InchRM 12.40
Turkey Breast FootlongRM 20.35
Chicken Tandoori 6-InchRM 12.40
Chicken Tandoori FootlongRM 20.35
Tuna 6-InchRM 12.40
Tuna FootlongRM 20.35
Italian BMT 6-InchRM 13.25
Italian BMT FootlongRM 21.25
Subway Club 6-InchRM 13.25
Subway Club FootlongRM 21.25


Spicy Italian SaladRM 12.80
Chicken Teriyaki SaladRM 12.80
Meatball Marinara SaladRM 12.80
Veggie Delite SaladRM 8.70
Turkey Breast & Chicken Slice SaladRM 13.55
Chicken Slice SaladRM 13.55
Roasted Chicken SaladRM 13.55
Roasted Beef SaladRM 13.55
Turkey Breast SaladRM 13.55
Chicken Tandoori SaladRM 13.55
Subway Melt SaladRM 14.40
Italian BMT Salad
RM 14.40
Subway Club SaladRM 14.40
Tuna SaladRM 13.55

Drinks & Sides

Soft DrinkRM 2.85
Hot CappuccinoRM 4.15
Hot TeaRM 3.20
MiloRM 3.20
Bottled Iced TeaRM 3.80
Black CoffeeRM 3.20
White CoffeeRM 3.20
MochaRM 4.15
Bottled JuiceRM 3.80
Mineral WaterRM 2.85
ChipsRM 3.05
CookiesRM 2.10

Subway Promos

Currently, Subway menu in Malaysia is offering a seasonal flavour, Cheese Melt Sub until July 9, 2019. It is basically juicy chicken with jalapeno cheese sauce and melted cheese, and comes with a 16oz fountain drink, all priced at RM12.90.

Cheese Melt Sub Promo On Subway Menu Malaysia

Other than that, Subway Malaysia also offers limited edition Raya Packets, or small envelope to put money in it to give away, for the upcoming festive season. The best part is, it comes free for any spending at least RM20 in a single receipt at any Subway stores in Malaysia. The promotion ends by April 30, 2019.

On top of these, there is the on-going Everyday Value Meals for only RM10.90 on the Subway menu, for 4 options that come with a 16oz drink. The available flavours are Chicken Slice, Seafood Sensation, Meatball Marinara, and BBQ Chicken.

Subway Sandwich Breads

Subway Malaysia offers customers several types of bread, namely Wheat, Honey Oat, Parmesan Oregano, and Hearty Italian.

Some Of The Bread On The Subway Menu

Of these, three breads are the lowest in calories at 210 calories each, whereas Honey Oat is the highest at 230 calories.

Best Food on Subway Menu

According to TimeOut Website and Wikipedia, Italian BMT is the all-time favourite sub on the Subway menu. BMT was originally referring to Brooklyn Manhattan Transit, but now it stands for Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest. Either way, the combination of pepperoni, salami, and turkey ham is pure genius.

Apart from that, Subway Club and Tuna are also the popular ones. The former is basically a combination of sliced turkey breast, sliced roast beef, and sliced chicken, whereas the latter is basically tuna just like the name suggests.

Nevertheless, branded as the healthier option, Subway provides salads as well with plenty of flavours. The best-sellers are the Veggie Delite for the vegans and vegetables lovers, as well as the Tuna Salad.

Other than sandwiches and salads, the cookies on the Subway menu in Malaysia are also famously delicious. There are several types to choose from; Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Macadamia and Oatmeal Raisin. What makes these cookies addictive is the crispy yet soft texture, that is both delicious and sinful.

Who Else Like the Subway Menu?

About Subway in Malaysia

Subway was founded on August 28, 1965 in Connecticut, US. Subway’s core products are the submarine sandwich also known as the sub, wraps, salad, paninis, and baked goods. Today, it is the largest single-brand restaurant chain and the largest restaurant operator in the world with more than 42,400 restaurants in more than 112 countries.

One Of The First Subway’s In Malaysia

Subway Malaysia opened its first store in Ampang Point in 1999, then grew to more than 200 stores nationwide.

If their stores continue to offer food on the Subway menu that’s tasty and at a great price, their only going to continue to grow in Malaysia.

Talk to Subway Malaysian Staff

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