Seoul Garden is one of the most popular Korean-style restaurants in Malaysia. Their menu is filled with delicious seafood, meats, soups, and their famous HotPot as well.

Here is the latest Seoul Garden menu with prices in Malaysia:

Menu ItemPrice


Spinach NamulRM 3.80
Kimchi PicklesRM 3.80
Bean Sprouts NamulRM 3.80
Japanese Cucumber PicklesRM 3.80
Cold TofuRM 3.80

Little Bites

Kimgaru RIceRM 2.00
Plain RIceRM 1.00
Deep-fried ManduRM 9.90
Deep-fried Wing SticksRM 11.90
Seafood PancakeRM 13.90
Deep-fried Wing Sticks with Spicy CoatingRM 12.90


Korean Stir-Fried Beef Glass NoodlesRM 16.90
Korean Stir-Fried Chicken Glass NoodleRM 12.90
Korean Stir-Fried Seafood Glass NoodleRM 14.90


Ginseng Chicken HotPotRM 26.90
Braised Beef and Tendon HotPotRM 26.90
Braised Beef HotPotRM 26.90
Marinated Beef HotPotRM 26.90
Braised Oxtail and Tendon HotPotRM 28.90
Premium Seafood HotPOtRM 26.90
Marinated Sliced Chicken HotPotRM 19.90
Mandu HotPOtRM 21.90
Dubu Jjigae HotPOtRM 20.90

Bibim Bap

Chicken Bulgogi BapRM 16.90
Beef Bulgogi BapRM 17.90
Barinated Beef BapRM 18.90
Marinated Chicken Kimgaru BapRM 16.90
Prawn Omelette Kimgaru BapRM 18.90
Kimchi Bokkeum BapRM 16.90

Hot Plate

Marinated Sliced Beef Hot PLateRM 17.90
Marinated Sliced Chicken Hot PlateRM 14.90
Stir-fried Squid Hot PlateRM 16.90

All You Can Eat Buffet

Adult - LunchRM 36.00
Adult - DinnerRM 48.00
Child - LunchRM 18.00
Child - DinnerRM 22.00
Student - LunchRM 33.00
Student - DinnerRM 38.00
Senior - LunchRM 28.00
Senior - DinnerRM 36.00


Free Flow Cinnamon TeaRM 3.50
Ginseng WolfberryRM 6.90
Ginseng Red DatesRM 6.90
Peach & Mango TeaRM 6.90
Iced Lime TeaRM 6.90
Sparkling Sour PlumRM 6.90
Brown Rice Green TeaRM 3.00
Iced Green TeaRM 3.00
Pepsi CanRM 3.00
Mineral WaterRM 1.80

Best HotPot on Seoul Garden Menu

In Malaysia, there are two types of Seoul Garden; Seoul Garden Steamboat (offers steamboat buffet only), and Seoul Garden Hotpot (offer ala carte food only). For the latter, according to Aroma Asian Website, its signature hotpot is the Seafood Kimchi Hotpot, featuring fresh seafood cooked in spicy kimchi jjigae broth.

Some Of The Meats On The Seoul Garden Menu

Other than jiggae broth, one may also opt for tomyum or tomyum kimchi broth for the spicy lovers. For the ones who prefer non-spicy broth, there are 3 options to choose from; ginseng-abalone, milky seafood soup, or ginseng chicken soup. Be it spicy or non-spicy, Seoul Garden can guarantee one thing; the hotpot is served hot, soothing for the throat and comforting for the stomach.

Seoul Garden Promotions

Being a Halal and dynamic Korean food outlet in Malaysia, Seoul Garden has without doubt managed to capture the hearts of Malaysians.

The Seoul Garden menu has several promotions for different layers of Malaysian market, such as for the kids, with the Kids Dine Free Everyday promotion. This buffet promotion applies for a minimum of 2 paying adults.

Apart from that, there is also the birthday promotion, in which customers get to enjoy free buffet a week before or after birthday, provided there are 2 paying adults. This promotion is meaningful for the ones celebrating as they get to enjoy with their family and friends.

Besides, there are also some contests organized by Seoul Garden Malaysia, such as Sayyy Kimchi contest, which requires customers to take photos of kimchi from the Seoul Garden menu and upload them on Instagram or Facebook with tagline #SGSAYKIMCHI to win themselves Samsung S10 should their photos have the most “likes”.

Other than that, Seoul Garden has another contest called Celebrate #SGAwesomeFoursome Thursday, which entitled winners to 4 flight tickets to Seoul, Korea. In order to enter, there should be minimum 4 paying adults who visit Seoul Garden, but only on every Thursday.

Tasty Seoul Garden Food

The food available on the Seoul Garden menu can satisfy almost anyone. They have grilled, hotpot, steamboat, and premium. Of these, the best-sellers based on Aroma Asian Website are the Squid Hotplate and the Hot & Spicy Drumettes.

Other than the fact that the squid is served hot, the squid itself is huge and moist, much to the delight of the customers. The aroma of the shitake mushroom on the hotplate filled with soy sauce is also hard to resist.

Apart from that, there is the Hot & Spicy Drumettes, which is the signature in almost any Korean restaurants in Malaysia. This version from Seoul Garden is considered above average, as the drumettes are crispy and well-marinated with Korean spicy sauce.

Who Else Likes The Seoul Garden Menu?

About Seoul Garden Malaysia

Seoul Garden was founded in 1983 in Singapore offering Korean food in a family-style dining experience and is currently owned by the Zingrill Holdings. Their menu was served initially as ala carte menu only; however as demand increases, it evolved by offering buffet barbecue and steamboat dining concept as well.

A Seoul Garden Restaurant In Malaysia

Today, Seoul Garden is aggressively expanding, capitalizing on the K-Wave trend in this part of the world. It has more than 70 outlets in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar.

As they reached their 35th Anniversary, they’ve grown the Seoul Garden menu to include more than 120 different items, including the wide range of different buffet options available.

Talk to Seoul Garden Malaysian Staff

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