Nandos has been serving it’s delicious Peri Peri flavours in Malaysia for many years now. Their menu is packed full of delicious meals and chicken for you to try.

Here is the latest Nandos menu with prices in Malaysia:

Menu ItemPrice

Peri Peri Chicken

1/4 Chicken + 1 SideRM 19.90
1/4 Chicken + 2 SidesRM 22.90
1/2 Chicken + 1 SideRM 30.90
1/2 Chicken + 2 SidesRM 33.90
8 Wingettes & Drumettes + 1 SideRM 26.90
8 Wingettes & Drumettes + 2 SidesRM 29.90
16 Wingettes & DrumettesRM 40.90
Wing RouletteRM 40.90
Whole ChickenRM 48.90
Saucy Tenders w/ Mediterranean RiceRM 13.90
Grilled Chicken Tenders + 2 SidesRM 15.90
Chicken Butterfly + 1 SideRM 21.90
Chicken Butterfly + 2 SidesRM 25.90

Fire Starters

Garlic Cheesy PitaRM 7.90
Peri-Peri Soup with Garlic BreadRM 9.90
Chicken Livers and Portuguese RollRM 10.90
Sweet Potato Chips with PerinaiseRM 11.90
4 Wingettes & DrumettesRM 11.90
Mushroom BowlRM 12.90
Chicken Skewers with Dipping SauceRM 15.90

Burgers, Pita, Wraps

Chicken Caesar Wrap + 1 SideRM 19.90
Chicken Caesar Wrap + 2 SidesRM 22.90
Chicken Pita + 1 SIdeRM 19.90
Chicken Pita + 2 SidesRM 22.90
Chicken Breast Burger + 1 SideRM 20.90
Chicken Breast Burger + 2 SidesRM 23.90
Chicken Wrap + 1 SideRM 20.90
Chicken Wrap + 2 SidesRM 23.90
Nandocas Choice + 1 SideRM 26.90
Nandocas Choice + 2 SidesRM 29.90
Veggie Burger + 1 SideRM 19.50
Veggie Burger + 2 SidesRM 22.50
Mushroom & Halloumi Wrap + 1 SideRM 26.10
Mushroom & Halloumi Wrap + 2 SidesRM 29.40

Sharing Platters

Meal Platter (Whole Chicken, 2 Sides, 2 Drinks)RM 65.90
Full Platter (Whole Chicken, 4 Sides)RM 65.90
Jumbo Platter (2 Whole Chicken, 5 Sides)RM 139.90


Spicy RiceRM 5.64
Mediterranean RiceRM 5.64
ColeslawRM 5.64
Peri-Peri ChipsRM 5.64
Side SaladRM 5.64
Peri-Peri WedgesRM 5.64
Corn on the CobRM 5.64
Chargrilled VeggiesRM 5.64
Garlic BreadRM 5.64


Caesar SaladRM 16.30
Caesar Salad with ChickenRM 22.90


Salted Caramel Cake BitesRM 8.90
Peri-Peri BrowniesRM 8.90
Red Velvent CakeRM 11.90
Caramel CheesecakeRM 11.90


Bottomless Soft DrinksRM 6.90
Still Mineral WaterRM 3.90
Lemon Lime CoolerRM 5.90
Orange JuiceRM 9.90
Iced AmericanoRM 9.90
Ice ChocolateRM 10.90
Ice GalaoRM 10.90
Rose Velvet LatteRM 10.90
Sparkling AppleRM 10.90
Citrus Iced TeaRM 10.90
Tropical FruiteaRM 10.90
Hot TeaRM 9.90
AmericanoRM 9.90
EspressoRM 9.90
CappuccinoRM 10.90
Hot MochaRM 10.90
Hot ChocolateRM 10.90

Best Food on Nandos Menu

Aside from the famous peri-peri sauce, Nando’s most popular food is of course the peri-peri chicken brilliantly marinated with peri-peri sauce. The chicken comes in multiple forms; the ones with bones (whole chicken, half chicken, quarter chicken, wingettes, and drumetttes), and the boneless (chicken tender and chicken butterfly).

In fact, the peri-peri chicken in Malaysia available on the Nandos menu is so popular that the company will soon be operating more than 100 stores around the country.

Other than that, the chips and potato wedges with peri-peri sprinklers are also hot items in Nando’s, given the fact that those are freshly cut and well-seasoned. Besides, being in a country where rice is a staple food, Malaysians adore Nando’s spicy rice and Mediterranean rice, of which are yellow and off-white in colour with unique taste.

The other sides that are selling fast in Malaysia on the Nandos menu are the corn on the cob and the coleslaw, that both complement the chicken dishes perfectly well.

Nandos Peri Peri Sauce

Nando’s peri-peri sauce is so good that people buy it separately (outside of the Nandos menu), at Nando’s outlets and many other physical and online stores. The selling point is the varying degrees of heat and spices that suits every flavour profile, from the non-spicy lovers to the thrill spicy seekers.

The peri-peri sauce comes in 6 flavours, namely Lemon & Herb, Medium, Garlic, Hot, Extra Hot, and Extra Extra Hot. In Malaysia, people are so used to spicy food, hence spicy flavours like Hot, Extra Hot, and Extra Extra Hot are the most sought after.

Nandos Rewards Program

Nando’s Malaysia has introduced a loyalty programme named PERi-Vilege to the Nandos menu, complete with loyalty card, mobile app, and dedicated website. Upon registration, loyal diners will be rewarded with free meals, by collecting a token, or known as “Chilli”, every time they dine-in at Nando’s outlets and spend a minimum of RM30.

Loyalty Program On The Nandos Menu

For every third, sixth and ninth chillies collected, customers will be rewarded with free chicken; of which the first three chillies collected will earn a quarter chicken, half chicken for six chillies collected, and a full chicken for nine chillies collected.

To redeem, customers will just have to flash their member ID from their phones prior to ordering at any Nando’s restaurant, and the chilli will automatically store in their mobile app. The best part is, customers can keep track on the chillies via the app anytime, anywhere – letting you order from the Nandos menu whenever you please.

The only downside of Nando’s loyalty programme is that, it offers only for dine-in customers, not for customers who wish to take-away or opt for delivery.

Who Else Like the Nandos Menu?

About Nandos in Malaysia

Nando’s was founded in 1987 in Johannesburg, South Africa by Portuguese-born audio engineer Fernando Duarte and friend Robert Brozin. Nando’s got its name after Fernando’s first born son. Its core product is the Portuguese-style chicken with peri-peri marinades.

Today it has more than 1000 branches in over 35 countries. Nando’s Malaysia started operation in 1998, and grew to more than 76 outlets nationwide. It ranked 11th in the overall F&B category in Malaysia.

It’s safe to assume if they keep serving up their delicious Peri Peri chicken available on their Nandos menu to local Malaysians, they’ll continue to grow in Malaysia and soon become one of the most popular restaurants.

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