KyoChon offers Malaysians freshly cooked Korean food with many different tasty dishes to choose from on their menu. Chicken, rice, seafood, delicious kimchi, and more.

Here is the latest KyoChon menu with prices in Malaysia:

Menu ItemPrice

Soy Garlic Series

8PC Soy Garlic WingsRM 18.00
12PC Soy Garlic WingsRM 27.00
20PC Soy Garlic WingsRM 44.00
2PC Soy Garlic DrumsticksRM 11.00
4PC Soy Garlic DrumsticksRM 22.00
8PC Soy Garlic DrumsticksRM 44.00
Soy Garlic - Half ChickenRM 28.00
Soy Garlic - Whole ChickenRM 52.00

Red Pepper Series

8PC Red Pepper WingsRM 18.00
12PC Red Pepper WingsRM 27.00
20PC Red Pepper WingsRM 44.00
2PC Red Pepper DrumsticksRM 11.00
4PC Red Pepper DrumsticksRM 22.00
8PC Red Pepper DrumsticksRM 44.00
Red Pepper - Half ChickenRM 28.00
Red Pepper - Whole ChickenRM 52.00

Mixed Soy Garlic & Red Pepper

8PC Mixed WingsRM 18.00
12PC Mixed WingsRM 27.00
20PC Mixed WingsRM 44.00
2PC Mixed DrumsticksRM 11.00
4PC Mixed DrumsticksRM 22.00
8PC Mixed DrumsticksRM 44.00
Mixed - Whole ChickenRM 52.00

Honey Series

8PC Honey WingsRM 21.00
12PC Honey WingsRM 30.00
20PC Honey WingsRM 49.00
Honey - Half ChickenRM 30.00
Honey - Whole ChickenRM 56.00
12PC Kyochon Mixed WingsRM 30.00

Salsal Series

4 SalsalRM 12.00
8 SalsalRM 24.00
12 SalsalRM 34.00

Rice Series

8PC Rice WingsRM 21.00
12PC Rice WingsRM 30.00
20PC Rice WingsRM 49.00
Rice - Half ChickenRM 30.00
Rice - Whole ChickenRM 56.00

Ala Carte

Bibimbap (soy)RM 21.00
Bibimbap (spicy)RM 21.00
Spicy BulgogiRM 26.00
DakganjeongRM 30.00


Steamed RiceRM 4.00
Garlic Fried RiceRM 11.00
Kimchi Fried RiceRM 18.00
Organic Green SaladRM 15.00
Soy Salsal SaladRM 19.00
Potato WedgesRM 8.00


Coca Cola CanRM 3.00
Red Bull CanRM 8.00
Lemon Fruit Tea CanRM 4.00
Mango Chamomile CanRM 4.00
Bottled WaterRM 3.00

Tasty Food On KyoChon Menu

The KyoChon menu is definitely one of the most popular restaurant menus to order from in Malaysia. Customers are expected to queue to get in and wait another several minutes to get their food. Despite this, customers do not mind the wait, as the food on their menu is unbelievably tasty – even for the non-fans of Korean pop culture.

According to KyoChon, their signature dishes is their variety of chicken; served as boneless, wingette, drumette, drumstick, half chicken, and whole chicken.

Tasty Chicken On The Kyochon Menu

There are several sauces to choose from; soy garlic, red pepper, or honey. The best part is, customers can choose only one sauce, or a mixture of any of the 3 sauces under its Kyochon Mix Wings set.

KyoChon chickens are said to be free of antibiotics, growth hormones, as well as drugs, and they are less greasy than other fried chicken brands. Of these choices of chickens, most Malaysians love the salsal, or boneless chicken breast strips covered in special rice batter. Although the quantity per serving is limited, it is packed with flavours from the marinated chicken and the batter.

Besides chickens, you’ll find plenty of other options on the KyoChon menu that complement the chickens well; steamed rice, fried rice (garlic fried rice, chicken fried rice, and kimchi fried rice), potato wedges, and salads (organic green salad and soy salsal salad).

On beverages, KyoChon is not short of choices. Besides the typical soft drinks and teas, there are the eye-catching mocktails; Lychee Lagoon, Passion Cucumber Cooler, Yuza Coke, Rosie Berries, Peachy Lemon Tea, Pink Passion Sprite, and Cucumber & Mint Soda.

KyoChon Halal Status

Based on Malaysian Halal Portal, KyoChon has not obtained Halal certificate from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) yet. However, as mentioned in KyoChon Website, they are in the midst of getting the Halal certificate.

Despite this, 100% of the chickens on the KyoChon menu are sourced from JAKIM certified suppliers and their imported sauces are already Halal, as stated in their website. This means that KyoChon understands the Muslim-majority Malaysian market and commits in serving Halal food by ensuring the need to use Halal food sources.

Who Else Likes The KyoChon Menu?

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Saturdays and fried chicken go so well together. What's even better is if your fried chicken is from @mykyochon! These are the honey series wingettes and drummets. The batter is absolutely crunchy and seasoned to perfection. The honey glaze brushed on the skin just brings this simple fried chicken to the next level. We love Korean fried chicken, but we have to say flavour-wise, we love Kyochon's the best. 🤤 . . . . . . . . . . . . #tanvireats #tanvircooks #klfoodie #dailyfoodfeed #foodblog #foodblogger #foodbloggerbd #kyochon #friedchicken #eatdrinkkl #eatsleeptravelrepeat #burpplekl #igmalaysia #igersmy #kualalumpur #malaysia #malaysianfood #cafehopkl #cafehopmy #malaysiancafes #makan #makananhalal #sedap #yum #foodstagram #lunch #dinner #onthetable #onmyplate

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About KyoChon Malaysia

KyoChon is a successful Korean restaurant chain founded in 1991 in South Korea. The founder, Kwon Won Kang gave the name KyoChon to reflect his fondness for his village; “Kyo” means wisdom, and “Chon” means village.

You’ll definitely notice the love and home-style taste you’ll get when ordering from the KyoChon menu.

Opening Of The World’s Biggest Kyochon In Malaysia

Besides the outlets in South Korea, KyoChon exists in other parts of the world including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, United States. In 2015, KyoChon opened its largest outlet in the world in Malaysia, at Pavilion KL, Bukit Bintang.

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