KFC has some of the best fried chicken in Malaysia. As well as their chicken, you can also choose from many other delicious foods on the KFC menu.

Here is the latest KFC menu with prices in Malaysia:

Menu ItemPrice

Chicken Meals For One

Popcorn Chicken ComboRM 14.50
Popcorn Chicken Box MealRM 18.90
Popcorn Chicken A La CarteRM 9.90
Parmesan Truffle Crunch 2-pc ComboRM 17.90
Parmesan Truffle Crunch 3-pc ComboRM 22.90
2-pc ComboRM 16.90
3-pc ComboRM 20.20
1-pc Colonel BurgerRM 17.20
1-pc Rice ComboRM 12.50
6-pc Crispy Tenders ComboRM 17.80
6-pc NuggetsRM 13.90
2-pc ChickenRM 10.60
6-pc Nuggets ComboRM 13.90
6-pc Crispy Tenders ComboRM 17.80
Snack Plate ComboRM 14.30
Dinner Plate ComboRM 18.60
Snack Plate (without drink)RM 12.90
Dinner Plate (without drink)RM 17.50
Snacker BoxRM 9.20
Twister BoxRM 13.90
Signature BoxRM 15.50
Nuggets BoxRM 11.20

Burger Meals For One

Ghost Pepper Zinger Burger ComboRM 15.30
Ghost Pepper Zinger Burger A La CarteRM 10.80
Zinger Burger ComboRM 15.30
1-pc Colonel Burger ComboRM 17.20
Zinger BurgerRM 10.80
Colonel BurgerRM 5.90
Cheezy TwisterRM 7.20
Cheezy Twister ComboRM 10.90

Family Bucket Meals

5-pc Combo (6 pieces of chicken, potato wedges, whipped potato, coleslaw, drink)RM 33.40
9-pc Combo (9 pieces of chicken, potato wedges, whipped potato, coleslaw, drink)RM 51.40
15-pc Combo (15 pieces of chicken, potato wedges, whipped potato, coleslaw, drink)RM 75.00
5-pc ChickenRM 26.50
9-pc ChickenRM 45.90
12-pc ChickenRM 60.50
5-pc BucketRM 28.90
9-pc BucketRM 47.90
15-pc BucketRM 69.90

Value Bowls

Loaded Potato BowlRM 6.50
Curry Lava Rice BowlRM 6.50
Original Go BowlRM 3.90
Loaded Go BowlRM 3.90

Sides & Snacks

Parmesan Whipped PotatoRM 3.20
6-pc NuggetsRM 9.20
9-pc NuggetsRM 12.90
3-pc Crispy TendersRM 7.90
6-pc Crispy TendersRM 14.20
Cheezy WedgesRM 6.50
WedgesRM 5.70
Whipped Potato (regular)RM 3.00
Whipped Potato (large)RM 6.90
Coleslaw (regular)RM 3.00
Coleslaw (large)RM 6.90
Colonel RiceRM 3.20
Sweet Mustard SauceRM 1.80
Jalapeno SauceRM 1.80
Whipped Potato GravyRM 1.80


Pepsi CanRM 3.70
Pepsi 1.5LRM 5.90

Malaysian KFC Bucket Meals

Since the beginning, KFC has been known for its bucket meals, pulling it apart from its main competitors, such as the McDonald’s menu and Texas Chicken. In Malaysia, bucket meals have two types; chicken only, or combo.

The former offers three options; 5, 9, or 12 chicken pieces, while the latter caters in 3 options; 6, 9, or 15 chicken pieces with sides such as potato wedges, whipped potato, coleslaw, and drink.

As for the chicken flavour, there are two main types; Original and Hot & Spicy. Occasionally, there will be seasonal flavours, such as Spicy Korean Crunch, Spicy Sawadee Crunch, Golden Egg Crunch, and Parmesan Truffle Crunch.

These seasonal flavours do represent certain segments in Malaysia; the K-pop craze, the Thai descendent or Thai food fans, the fans of salted egg flavours, and the cheese lovers.

KFC Breakfast In Malaysia

KFC in Malaysia, unlike McDonald’s, offers chicken all-day long including breakfast. Apart from chicken, KFC Malaysia offers for breakfast its famous Zinger burgers in the form of Zinger Porridge and Zinger Riser (mini Zinger burger), as well as wrap (Twister Lite).

KFC Malaysia also serves the all-time Malaysian favourite rice, fried egg, and sweet and spicy sambal almost replicating the Malaysian coconut rice set (nasi lemak). These breakfast meals come with tea, coffee, or Milo.

Occasionally, KFC Malaysia also offers Cheesy Rice Melt, a combination of Colonel Rice, Zinger Chunks, Mozzarella Cheese, and Nacho Cheese Sauce all in a bowl.

Best Food on KFC Menu

KFC Malaysia in its website states that the all-time favourites are these three; Dinner Plate, Snack Plate, and Family Feast. The Dinner Plate is basically 3-pieces chicken with bun, coleslaw, mashed potato and drink, whereas the Snack Plate is the same sides with 2-pieces chicken. Family Feast on the other hand, is combo bucket meals.

Sample Of Kfc Menu In Malaysia

Despite these, what makes KFC Malaysia unique are the Malaysian favourites; rice, rice congee, sambal (sweet and spicy gravy), gula melaka pudding (caramel sugar), and teh tarik (milk tea). KFC Malaysia also serves Halal meat in accordance to the Halal-method under the supervision of Shariah Advisory Council.

In comparison to the US, Malaysian KFC prefers dark meat cuts rather than white meat, and the restaurant concept is typically large enough to accommodate the dining culture among Malaysians instead of takeout model in the American market.

As well as their already delicious KFC menu, they continue to add new inventions and bring back classic favourites such as the Spicy Popcorn Chicken.

Who Else Like KFC?

KFC in Malaysia

The world’s first franchise of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was established in September 24, 1952 in Utah, US. 66 years later, the brand grew to become the world’s second-largest restaurant chain after McDonald’s with existence in 136 countries.

In Malaysia, KFC has been serving the people since 1973, from its first branch in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman to over 600 branches nationwide now.

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