Kenny Rogers offers a wide range of delicious foods for Malaysians to enjoy. Their tasty famous chicken, salads, nasi lemak, and OMG unfried fried chicken are just a few avaiable on their menu

Here is the latest Kenny Rogers menu with prices in Malaysia:

Menu ItemPrice

Chicken Meals

Kenny's Quarter Chicken MealRM 19.70
Kenny's Half Chicken MealRM 29.00
Kenny's Chicken & Garden MealRM 22.50
Kenny's Chicken & Pasta MealRM 23.00
Kenny's Family Chicken MealRM 75.90
Kenny's Quarter ChickenRM 11.25
Kenny's Half ChickenRM 34.90


Creamy I-Yam MealRM 21.90
Creamy I-Yam Meal with JuiceRM 29.90
Creamy I-Yam SpaghettiRM 17.90
Creamy I-Yam Whole ChickenRM 38.90


Roasted Chicken SaladRM 16.50
Chicken Caesar SaladRM 16.50
Caesar Salad SupremeRM 7.50
Classic Garden SaladRM 7.50

Nasi Lemak

Kenny's Nasi Lemak Ayam OhsemRM 17.90
Kenny's Nasi Lemak OMGRM 18.90
Kenny's Nasi Lemak SoloRM 13.50

OMG Unfried Fried Chicken

1PC ChickenRM 5.90
2PC OMG Chicken MealRM 17.50


Chicken Macaroni CheeseRM 16.90
Beef Bolognaise SpaghettiRM 16.90


ColeslawRM 7.50
Crispy Garden SaladRM 7.50
Fresh Fruit SaladRM 7.50
Macaroni and CheeseRM 7.50
Mashed Potato and GravyRM 7.50
Aromatic RiceRM 7.50
Garlic Parsley PotatoesRM 7.50
Golden Corn and CarrotRM 7.50


Kenny's Home-Made MuffinRM 3.00
Kenny's Home-Made Muffin 6-PackRM 17.50


Mango Fruit JuiceRM 8.40
Orange Fruit JuiceRM 8.40
Bottled WaterRM 2.75
CokeRM 5.50

Kenny Rogers Promotion

Kenny Rogers being a household name in Malaysia is not short of promotions for their menu. Currently, it has the 25th Anniversary KRR Card promotion ending May 31, 2019 as a reward for its loyal members.

All it takes is just a minimum KRR Card reload of RM100, which then entitle members to free nasi lemak solo, and 2 sets of quarter meals for only RM25. On top of that, customers are also offered free premium stainless steel straw set, which you can use yourself when enjoying the Kenny Rogers menu.

Other promotions for members include second quarter meals for only RM2.50 on 25th to 31st of every month.

On top of that, there is also the Buy 1 Free 1 Quarter Delight Meal promotion for a minimum KRR Card activation of RM50. For newly-signed members, Kenny Rogers offers free 2 homemade muffins for every new online registration.

As for both the members and non-members, there are special on-going promotions, such as the i-Yam Legend on the Kenny Rogers menu, which is 2 choices of meal sets for either 2 or 4 paxs consisting of Creamy i-Yam Chicken, Spaghetti Lite, muffins and sides. This promotion ends July 28, 2019.

Kenny Roger’s Best Chicken

According to Wikipedia, Kenny Rogers Roasters was well-known for its delicious wood-fired rotisserie chicken. Today, it is still famous for its roasted chicken, albeit the cooking method has changed with time.

In Malaysia, the juicy chickens on Kenny Rogers menu come in 2 types of sauces; black pepper or mushroom. These chickens are offered on their own or as part of sets; and are cooked in several forms – roasted or fried.

Famous Roasted Chicken On Kenny Rogers Menu

For the fried chicken, there is the OMG Chicken Meal, or OMG Chicken Meal with Soup. This set comes with 2 pieces of fried chicken, with coleslaw and rice, and soup for the latter set.

As for the signature roasted chicken, it comes in multiple options; stand-alone (whole or half or quarter chicken only), or with sets (Wholesome Meal, Family Meal, Quarter Meal, Half Meal, Chicken & Garden Meal, Chicken & Pasta Meal, and Chicken & Soup Meal).

Best Food on Kenny Rogers Menu

Kenny Rogers is always popular with these 2 items; its tender chicken, and moist homemade muffins.

As mentioned previously, these chickens come in several options; roasted or fried, stand-alone or part of set.

Quarter Chicken Meal At Kenny Rogers

Of these, the most famous is the Quarter Meal on Kenny Rogers menu consisting of quarter chicken, muffin and 3 sides from any of these; coleslaw, crisp garden salad, fresh fruit salad, macaroni and cheese, mashed potato and gravy, aromatic rice, garlic parsley potatoes, as well as golden corn and carrot.

As for the homemade muffins, Kenny Rogers offers 3 flavours; golden vanilla, banana raisin, and chocolate raisin. The main selling points of these muffins are the aromatic smell, as well as the warmth and moist that reminds us of home.

Who Else Likes The Kenny Rogers Menu?

About Kenny Rogers Malaysia

Kenny Rogers was founded in August 1991 in US by the famous musician, Kenny Rogers and former CEO of KFC, John Brown Jr. However due to series of ownership changes, all the outlets in US were later closed down.

Kenny Rogers Roasters Restaurant In Malaysia

The Kenny Rogers menu is now owned by Malaysian conglomerate, Berjaya Corporation Berhad. Its presence is mainly concentrated in Asian countries, like Malaysia, Philippines, China, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Dubai, and Thailand.

Talk to Kenny Rogers Malaysian Staff

Want to know more information about the Kenny Rogers menu in Malaysia? You can send their staff a message on social media:

Don’t want to do that? Find one of their stores using the online store locator. Or, you can call them on 03-2119 9888 or send them a message on their website.

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