Domino’s Pizza is one of the best pizza chains in Malaysia. Everyday, their pizza makers make hundreds of delicious pizzas available for you to choose from on Dominos menu.

Here is the latest Domino’s pizza menu with prices:

Menu ItemPrice

Royale Pizzas

Royale ChickenRM 31.25
Royale Tuna PizzaRM 31.25
Royale Delight PizzaRM 31.25

First Class Pizzas

Chickensaurus PizzaRM 30.80
Ultimate Hawaiian PizzaRM 30.80
Meatasaurus PizzaRM 30.80
Chicken Confidential PizzaRM 30.80
Sambal Surf & Turf PizzaRM 30.80
Prawn Sensation PizzaRM 30.80
Tropical Sambal Prawn PizzaRM 30.80
Prawn Passion PizzaRM 30.80

Classic Pizzas

Classic Chicken PizzaRM 28.60
Smokey Pepperoni Mushroom PizzaRM 28.60
Classified Chicken PizzaRM 28.60
Spicy Sambal PizzaRM 28.60
Meat Mania PizzaRM 28.60
Spicy Sausage PizzaRM 28.60
Extravaganzza PizzaRM 28.60
Chicken Perfection PizzaRM 28.60

Favorite Pizzas

Simply Cheese PizzaRM 26.25
Vegie Galore PizzaRM 26.25
Chicken Pepperoni PizzaRM 26.25
Seafood Delight PizzaRM 26.25
Beef Pepperoni PizzaRM 26.25
Flaming Tuna PizzaRM 26.25
BBQ Chicken PizzaRM 26.25
Aloha Chicken PizzaRM 26.25
Smoky Beef & Chick PizzaRM 26.25
Tuna Extreme PizzaRM 26.25
Sambal Veggie PizzaRM 26.25
Tuna Temptation PizzaRM 26.25
Vegie FiestaRM 26.25

Side Orders

Golden Chicken TendersRM 13.70
Crazy Chicken Crunchies - Tom YamRM 13.70
Crazy Chicken Crunchies - OriginalRM 13.70
Roasted Chicken DrumsticksRM 13.70
Fabulous FourRM 24.45
Chicken WingsRM 13.70
Cheesy FourRM 24.45
Banana Kaya DessertRM 7.10
Garlic Twisty BreadRM 7.10
Garlic French LoafRM 7.10
CinnastixRM 7.10
BreadstixRM 7.10
Cheesy Mozzarella StixRM 9.25
Stuffed Cheddar BitesRM 7.10
Cheesy Cheddar StixRM 9.25
Blueberry Cheesecake DessertRM 11.90
Butterscotch Pudding DessertRM 11.90
Chocolate Lava CakeRM 9.90
Zesty ColeslawRM 3.90
Garlic Cheese Onion RingsRM 7.10
Spag Bolognese ChickenRM 11.80
Chicken LasagnaRM 11.80
BBQ Baked MeatballsRM 10.40


Mineral WaterRM 2.35
Pepsi BottleRM 5.65
Twister Orange BottleRM 10.40
Pepsi CanRM 3.30

Dominos Pizza Promotions

The best part of Domino’s Malaysian Pizza menu is the Domino’s Express Card which entitled customers to benefits such as the all year long Buy 1 Pizza Get One 1 Free, 50% off on ala carte pizza, birthday month promotion, and monthly promotions.

In terms of its on-going promotions, Domino’s Malaysia currently offers Salted Egg Yolk Royale Pizza, capitalizing on Malaysians’ inclination towards salted egg flavours.

Pizza Promotions On Dominos Menu In Malaysia

Domino’s Malaysia has also brilliantly introduced the Party Sets that serves up to 30 people, with up to 6 set options. Party Set 4 as such, offers 9 regular pizzas and sides (2 Cheesy Four, 1 Fabulous Four, 2 bread sides, and 4 bottles of soft drinks), serving about 20 to 30 people.

Their marketing team also manages to capitalise on new trends such as the Marie Kondo cleaning up method. Domino’s held a weekly deal which sparked plenty of fantastic pizza promotions.

Domino’s Delivery in Malaysia

Domino’s is synonym with its delivery service offering guaranteed free pizza for any pizza delivered more than 30 minutes. Although Domino’s in the US has replaced the free pizza offer with $3 off from total bill since in the mid-1980s, Domino’s in Malaysia still maintains the offer.

Further to that, Malaysian customers do get to enjoy free delivery similar to its rival Pizza Hut, making these two brands a class above the other delivery services in Malaysia. Besides, customers will also receive free vouchers with substantial amount of savings for every pizza delivery.

You’ll always know you’ll be getting your pizza extra fast at Domino’s because they have one of the fastest pizza makers in Malaysia.

Best Pizza On Domino’s Menu

The pizzas that most Malaysians love on the Domino’s Pizza Menu are the Extravaganza, consisting of beef pepperoni, ground beef, mushrooms, and green pepper, as well as Ultimate Hawaiian with toppings of roasted chicken, shredded chicken, pineapples, and mushrooms.

There are also seasonal flavours that Malaysians adore, such as the delicious Pulled-Beef Pizza using the high-quality Australian beef with Chipotle sauce, and the Royale Pizza, a spin of salted egg yolk flavour.

Apart from that, there are some Malaysians who go for the traditional pizzas that are unique to Domino’s menu in Malaysia, such as Sambal Surf & Turf, as well as Spicy Sambal with a twist of anchovies. Sambal is one of Malaysia’s favourite sweet and spicy gravys that goes perfectly with coconut rice or bread, hence having it as one of the flavours is seen as a sensible and smart move by Domino’s Malaysia.

Who Else Like Malaysian Domino’s?

Domino’s in Malaysia

Domino’s Pizza was founded in Michigan, US on December 9, 1960. In 2012 it changed its name to Domino’s, and in February 2018 it became the world’s largest pizza seller in terms of sales.

Domino’s Malaysia is owned by Dommal Food Services Sdn Bhd. It has been around since 1997 with over 240 branches as of 2019, making it the 15th largest market in the world, 5th largest in Asia Pacific, and the largest in Southeast Asia in terms of number of stores. By 2020, Domino’s Malaysia targets a total of 300 branches nationwide.

One Of The Original Dominos Stores In Malaysia

They continue to grow their pizza company in Malaysia, recently having one of the best opening weeks in the past 20 years at their new location in Sabah.

Talk to Malaysia Domino’s Staff

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