Burger King has many delicious burgers on their menu. Such burgers include the famous Whopper, chicken burgers, breakfast burgers, fish burgers, vegetarian burgers, and many more.

Here is the latest Burger King menu with prices in Malaysia:

Menu ItemPrice

Beef Bugers

Whopper RM 11.95
Whopper MealRM 15.45
Whopper with CheeseRM 14.15
Whopper with Cheese MealRM 17.65
Whopper JrRM 7.95
Whopper Jr MealRM 11.45
BK Singles Black Pepper BurgerRM 6.45
BK Singles Black Pepper Burger MealRM 9.95
BK Single Mushroom Swiss BurgerRM 9.45
BK Single Mushroom Swiss Burger MealRM 12.95
BK Double Mushroom Swiss BurgerRM 11.45
BK Double Mushroom Swiss Burger MealRM 14.95
BK Single BBQ Beefacon BurgerRM 8.95
BK Single BBQ Beefacon Burger MealRM 12.45
BK Double BBQ Beefacon BurgerRM 10.95
BK Double BBQ Beefacon Burger MealRM 14.45

Chicken Burgers

French Chicken BurgerRM 9.95
French Chicken Burger MealRM 13.45
Spicy Tendercrisp BurgerRM 9.95
Spicy Tendercrisp Burger MealRM 13.45
Tendergrill BurgerRM 10.45
Tendergrill Burger MealRM 13.95
Grilled Chicken BurgerRM 6.45
Grilled Chicken Burger MealRM 9.95
Chicken Royale BurgerRM 8.45
Chicken Royale Burger MealRM 11.95
Chick'N Crisp BurgerRM 5.45
Chick'N Crisp Burger MealRM 8.95
Two-Piece Crispy Chicken MealRM 12.95


Fries (small)RM 3.80
Fries (medium)RM 4.90
Fries (large)RM 5.30
Wedges (medium)RM 4.75
Wedges (large)RM 5.50
Onion Rings (small)RM 4.80
Onion Rings (medium)RM 5.90
Onion Rings (large)RM 6.30
Nuggets - 7PCRM 7.40
Nuggets - 15PCRM 14.45
Cheezy FriesRM 4.75
Cheezy WedgesRM 5.30
Mozarella SticksRM 5.30
Rock It FriesRM 5.90


Apple PieRM 3.20
Hershey's Sundae PieRM 6.40


Frozen CokeRM 4.90
Soft Drinks (medium)RM 3.80
Soft Drinks (large)RM 4.20
Iced Lemon Tea (medium)RM 4.20
Iced Lemon Tea (large)RM 4.90
Mineral WaterRM 3.20
Iced Milo (regular)RM 4.90
Iced Milo (large)RM 5.90
Hot MiloRM 4.20
Hot TeaRM 2.80
Milano CoffeeRM 7.40
Americano (medium)RM 4.00
Americano (large)RM 5.30
Cappuccino (medium)RM 4.80
Cappuccino (large)RM 5.90

Best Burgers on Burger King Menu

According to Wikipedia, Whopper Burger is the best-selling burger on the Burger King menu since its introduction in 1957.

Today, the Whopper Burger – which is grilled beef patty, topped with tangy pickles, ketchup, fresh tomatoes, crisp lettuce and fresh onions – comes in 3 types; Whopper, Whopper with Cheese, and Whopper Jr. The latter is a downsized of the Whopper, while the Whopper with Cheese is basically Whopper with slice of cheese.

Burgers On The Burger King Menu Malaysia

Apart from that, TimeOut Magazine has ranked the other best-seller burgers, with Barbecue Bacon Cheese Burger on top, followed by Spicy Chicken Crisp Bacon Cheese Burger.

On the Burger King menu in Malaysia though, the bacon is being replaced with beef bacon due to its Halal status. The other top items on the list are the Chicken Tendergrill Burger and Double Mushroom Swiss Burger.

Burger King Malaysia Menu

The vast difference between Malaysian Burger King menu operated under Cosmo Restaurants Sdn Bhd and the other outlets in the Western world is the Halal status.

The Halal status means not only the menu is Syariah compliant, but the rest of its operations are in accordance to the Islamic teachings. As a Muslim majority country, this status is crucial in ensuring its business profitability and sustainability in Malaysia.

Other than the removal of non-halal bacon burger, the menu in Malaysia is also slightly different, tailored to the local flavours and needs.

As such, in Malaysia, there are the local flavours; Satay Tendergrill, Hainanese Chicken, and Ayam Tandoori – which all reflect the demographic composition of the major population in Malaysia; the Malays, Chinese, and Indians.

Burger King Promo

As one of the fast food chains in Malaysia, the Burger King menu manages to expand its market share with occasional promotions, such as the current Double King set that offers Double King Beef Burger and Double King Chicken Burger with sides (2 sets of fries and soft drinks) for only RM9.90. This great offer valids for only 3 hours, from 12 in the afternoon.

For breakfast up until 12 noon, Burger King offers Kingwiches (Chicken Supreme, Beef Supreme, and Smoky Chicken) and sides (salad and drinks), from only RM4.50. Besides, Burger King also offers King Value with only RM8.95 per set, of either Tartar Crispy Chicken Burger, Satay Chicken Burger, or Cheesy Beef Burger, and sides (fries and soft drinks).

Sample Burger King Promo In Malaysia

Further to the above, for the fans of local flavours, they have introduced Malaysian Hot Flavours promotions to the Burger King menu. Interestingly, it comes with 3 burger options; Hainanese Chicken, Satay Tendergrill, and Ayam Tandoori; as well as sides, of fries and the local favourite iced teh tarik (milk tea).

For the international tongues, there are the Premium Selection promotion. The burger flavours come in 3 as well; Supreme Crispy Chicken BBQ, Triple Whopper Jr, and Supreme Nachos Deluxe. It also has sides of fries and soft drinks.

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About Burger King Malaysia

Burger King was founded in 1953 as Insta-Burger King in Florida, US. A year later it was renamed to Burger King and took public in 2002 before being brought over by 3G capital of Brazil in 2010. It then transformed from male-oriented menu to new menu items, product reformulations and packaging. In 2018, it has 17,796 outlets in more than 100 countries.

A Burger King Restaurant In Malaysia

Burger King started operating in Malaysia in 1997 with the opening of its first restaurant at Sungai Buloh Overhead Bridge. Today, it operates more than 50 outlets in Malaysia, all offering tasty, fresh burgers you can order from the Burger king menu.

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